Our Story

Who are we? We are Andre and Anya, married for five years and parents to the most beautiful baby boy 💙. We are passionate travellers 🗺 and we plan to enthuse over travel also our baby boy. 😉 

Why shop with us?

1. We are experienced travellers. We love all kind of trips - long, short, wild, luxury, city breaks, nature exploring, trekking, beaches, etc. Trust us, we love to explore all the options!

2. We give you value for your money. We found great product that will really ease up your next trip. And what is best, we really negotiated hard for those prices!

3. Our products have added value. We really don't sell junk, we sell solutions!

4. We simply know what you need. Because it's what we need and we really want to share everything with you! 

5. If you're not happy with our product, you are free to contact us at info@aka-perfect.com and we will find a solution that fits all. Don't worry, your purchase is perfectly safe!

So check our products, be the part of our adventure! Become a part of our akaPerfect family and be a part of our story! ❤️